Maître Jaroslaw GRABOWSKI​

A Lawyer You Can Count On

After obtaining his law degree from the University of Geneva, Attorney Jaroslaw GRABOWSKI was admitted to the Bar of Geneva in 1993.

Soon thereafter he opened his own Office. His motto is “independence and tailor-made service”. Attorney Jaroslaw GRABOWSKI considers that a lawyer must have a hands-on approach to handling the cases entrusted to him. He values a small structure that can react quickly while also remaining close to the client. The quality of the contact and trust are essential elements. His clientele is overwhelmingly made up of individuals and companies who have contacted him following recommendations from other clients. That’s a real source of pride.

After 25 years of practicing law and serving in an advisory capacity on legal matters, Attorney Jaroslaw GRABOWSKI has acquired solid experience. First and foremost, he has a pragmatic approach. He is particularly fond of modern technologies and seeks to take full advantage of the online resources available to lawyers to find the latest relevant case law and the latest developments in legal texts. This allows for a creative and comprehensive approach to the legal solutions to be considered.

Attorney Jaroslaw GRABOWSKI has a long history of working with trustees, tax specialists and tax planning specialists. These experts are indispensable for dealing with issues that result from contracts, divorce, estates and valuation of commercial companies. He does not hesitate to recommend them to you in case of necessity and, as needed, he is able to oversee their activities on your behalf with regard to the legal aspects.